When Kristen Waters, a mother of two, shed upward of 70 pounds and decided to return to work, she needed a little help to dress the part. Her search landed her in a Twain Harte consignment store, slipping out of a dressing room in a black evening gown for Tricia Thompson, a fashion consultant and interior designer out of Jamestown. Waters emerged from that room a beautiful, confident “vision” of a women, Thompson said. “I got tears in my eyes just looking at how stunning she was — and most importantly felt” she said. “Proud of herself, with this incredible self-esteem.” i110415-nterior-design-6611With Thompson’s advice, Waters left the store with dozens of new outfits for to transition into the new work and social life she dreamed of. “What makes this career so important to me is being of service,” Thompson said. From the color of our kitchen walls to the stitch of our jeans, the details we choose to accentuate our lives should above all else inspire, according to Thompson. Waters’ new wardrobe was is an example of how Thompson offers this inspiration as owner of Tricia Thompson Design, 18263 Main St. in downtown Jamestown. StoreFrontHer fashion advice includes closet organizations, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping trips, and recently expanded to include one-time themed classes featuring local clothing dealers. In addition, full-service interior design is offered, and Thompson brings with her a knowledge aided by 30-plus years of experience as a sales representative for Bay Area remodel and construction suppliers. Design services include everything from new construction from the ground up to details like new knobs for kitchen cabinets or selecting paint to warm up a room, she said. Thompson grew up and began her career in the Bay Area, where she started in clothing retail at 18, then secured a position as a wardrobe consultant before moving into construction sales and, later, interior design. But seven years ago, the hectic life-style got to be too much. “I was on a plane all the time,” Thompson said. “I was always in the car, working ridiculous hours.” She moved to Sonora to be closer to her mother and started the business soon after. What began with only interior design expanded to include fashion and, for a year, wedding consulting. “It was too much,” she said. “Diversifying yourself is one thing. Wiping yourself out completely is another.” But fashion advice stuck. Tricia-Thompson-Design-Wardrobe-Class-Version-2-232x300Whether picking the right outfit for a night of jazz at Columbia College of dining out on South Washington Street, there is a need for people to feel good about the way they dress themselves, Thompson said. She dresses men and women, for everything from special events to changing body types, but most enjoys dressing for those entering or reentering the workforce. “It can be such a daunting thing I think,” Thompson said. “Especially generationally, I think things are different. I’ve got 24-year-old son, so I understand that generation and that things can be more casual, but I still think a professional appearance is import if you want a career.” Closet organization services include ridding wardrobes of ill-fitting or out-of-style clothing, and pairing remaining clothes and accessories into new outfits. “I average about 15 new outfits that the person never would have thought of before,” Thompson said. Wardrobe consultations involve similar looks into a client’s existing clothes, but often include the purchase of new attire. Thompson tries to shop local and frequents the area’s several consignment shops. “I try not to big-box shop,” she said. “However, there are some things that just aren’t available here, so I will take clients into Modesto.” Costs for fashion consultations and interior design work vary depending on the length and type of service, but a new membership card, good for one year, offers discounted rates and benefits like a free wardrobe class or personalized fashion advice by text or email. Thompson works with clients all over Tuolumne County, but still aims to expand the business. She also hosts “Dress for Success” at a professional development center in Sonora under a local women’s advocacy organization, Women Helping Other Women (WHOW). The center will be located at 11281 Highway 49, between Shaws Flat Road and Parrotts Ferry Road. The goal is to help women business owners with education and empowerment by making connections, said WHOH founder Michelle Dean. For more information about Tricia Thompson Design, call 984-3642.